Magic of Italo Disco |5| Silver Pozzoli

Earlier introduced Radiorama, Den Harrow, Miko Mission, Eddy Huntington.

Beginning of professional career

Silvio Pozzoli (born 19 July 1953) was part of the Italian band Club House, who released several Italo house records, like Michael Jackson inspired Do It Again Medley with Billie Jean and I’m a Man/Yeké Yeké Medley, a kind of mix of Mory Kanté’s Yé ké yé ké with The Spencer Davis Group’s I’m a Man. Members in the band were Gianfranco Bortolotti (also famous of Italo Disco productions), Hidalgo Serra and Carl Fanini. The band was active from year 1983 to 1996. Their biggest hit on the UK Singles chart came in 1994, when their single Light My Fire (featuring Carl Fanini on vocals) peaked at number 7 in the UK Singles Chart in April 1994.

Italo Disco period

The first Italo Disco project with Silver Pozzoli (Silvio’s stage name) providing vocals was Den Harrow hit Mad Desire, published 1984. The single peaked position 15 in italian singles charts. Let’s note here, that the version of Mad Desire on Den Harrow’s album is sung by Tom Hooker. The actual Italo Disco debut single, Around My Dream was published following year 1985.

Silver Pozzoli – Around My Dream 12″ single cover

The single was written by famous italian song makers Graziano Pegoraro, Pier Michele Bozzetti (aka Miko Mission) and Romano Bais (aka R. Bais). Best position on german single chart was 9 and even better in South Africa, where it reached the the top 1st position. The single was also very popular around central Europe, peaking at top 30 of the single charts. Of course, because of the big success, a remix version had to be published as well, and that was done following year 1986. It was not a huge success, but that surely was not the plan either – just a way to get some more money by recycling same ingredients. Perhaps my personal favourite of Silver’s releases, From You To Me (1986), followed the remix. It is produced by Maurizio Bassi (famous as producer/voice of Baltimora), unlike earlier releases published by the owner of Many Records, Stefano Scalera.

Silver Pozzoli – From You To Me 12″ cover & Pretty Baby 12″ back cover

Next year 1987 presented four new Silver Pozzoli hits: Pretty Baby, Chica Boom and Cross My Heart. As I remember these had pretty good success in Italo Disco scene, although did not top the charts. These were the last Silver’s releases on Many Records label. Next year 1988 released Love Is The Best was produced by Giacomo Maiolini & Severo Lombardoni for Time Records label. A shorter version was published on german Zyx Records label. Credits of the mixing were given to Maiolini, Mauro Farina and Giuliano Crivellente. Many Italo Disco fans prefer this as the best ever Silver Pozzoli song.

Silver Pozzoli – Love Is The Best 12″ covers, left: Time Records (ITA), right: Zyx (GER)

No italian releases exists of Silver Pozzoli’s only album Around My Dream, only foreign labels such as Zyx Records (GER), Beat Box (SWE), Max Music (ESP). The album published sligthly modified as Chica Boom in South Africa by Solid Records.

Silver Pozzoli also had recognition with Sing Sing Along (Around My Dream) (1992), new version of the most succesful hit. Eurohouse style With Or Without You (1992) and eurodance style track Don’t Forget Me (1994) are worth mentioning also.



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